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Hi my name is Ter Scott
and you’ve found the best place on the web
to order imprinted promotional and I.D. products:

I care about:
  • your marketing,
  • your imprint,
  • your order and
  • the success of your marketing.

When you order
imprinted promotional and I.D. products you get:
  • better results with less time,
  • with less money
  • and fewer headaches!

Your orders are taken care of by a real person, me…
with my special brand of real personalized service.

This site is not an “ordering machine”.
Unlike so many places on the web, instead of actually
placing your order online by typing in your information and
hope everything is right, you use my 24/7 800 number
national message center, fax or email
to communicate with my office.  

I then follow your order during the entire process
from start to finish, to be sure
  • the imprint is right,
  • the price is right and
  • your order gets to you right on time!

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I promise I won’t inundate you with useless information,
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Together MyImprintRep (Partnered with
Proforma/Albrecht and I,
Ter Scott, make up this
one stop online imprint promotional shop
called myimprintrep.com.

I’m as close as your phone, or computer.
After your very first order, you’ll get my personal cell phone
number for even closer communication.

When and if you need to see actual samples,
I can do that too.

Try us today; you’ll soon know why hundreds across the
USA are making myimprintrepDOTcom, their imprint rep!
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Organizations and Businesses (and those all around USA)
SAVE BIG on "Anything With an Imprint". Order online
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offering great pricing, hassle free service with on time
Thanks for your past business and
to our new customers, welcome!

We are now partnered with Proforma/Albrecht so we
can bring you so much more than imprinted
promotional and I.D. products! We are here to serve
and can now do so in BIGGER AND BETTER WAYS!
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Save Time, Money and Headaches when ordering imprinted promotional items from Ter Scott,
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